The most beautiful windows seen on Pinterest

The most beautiful windows seen on Pinterest

Windows come in many forms and in different styles. Here is a selection of 20 windows seen on Pinterest!

A manufactured style


These beautiful windows light up an old factory in Stockholm which is now inhabited. The exceptional transformation gives pride of place to the windows, with a very warm stained glass side. Source: A touch of

Full opening onto the garden


Want to recharge your batteries without leaving the city? It is possible with these large windows which overlook a beautiful garden. A dream view for adapted windows enhanced by a designer pendant light. Luxury, calm and pleasure ... Source: A touch of

Industrial windows


In the loft spirit, these huge industrial windows integrate the garden into the interior space of the house. An obvious feeling of freedom! Source: Crush

The pep's and the flashy

Idha Lindhag

Why not add some color to your windows? Do not be afraid of a flashy yellow, its touch of originality is ultra trendy in our interiors. Contemporary, warm, this window matches with small touches of color, placed here and there in the apartment. Source: Trendywood

Stained glass in the living room

Decorative Planet

This incredible Barcelona apartment offers us exceptional windows. Transformed church windows that marry a chic and contemporary style. How can you resist the charm of these windows? Source: Planète Déco

When PVC makes up windows ...

Marker girl

Once dressed in curtains and a choice of furniture, classic PVC windows fit perfectly into a romantic decor. Source: Home & Garden

An open roof


Huge roof windows, both sober and surprising, which provide exceptional brightness to this room as well as a clear view of the sky. Source: Bloglovin

A bit of sun


A beautiful window and wooden shutters surrounded by lush greenery which undoubtedly recalls our summer holidays in Provence! Source: Wonderland

A vintage decor


These large industrial style windows have been combined with a vintage decor for a perfectly successful room! Source: Crush

A glass entrance

Red Banana Studio

This tastefully renovated farmhouse has an entrance which has been completely opened to the outside. Natural materials associated with large industrial type windows for an exceptional rendering. Source: Red Banana Studio

So chic windows!

The Socialite Family

Windows with dark gray framing decorated with blackout curtains for a very chic urban interior. To test without further delay! Source: Frenchy Fancy

A window open onto a patio

Scott Frances 2013

If you are lucky enough to have a small interior courtyard, why not use it to create a winter living room atmosphere and make your window the key element of your decor? Come on, we adopt immediately! Source: Geeky girl

Glamor in your interiors

Miss design

Very elaborate industrial windows for a glamorous interior that will make many jealous! Source: Crush

A modernized barn

Pavonetti Architecture

Large workshop canopies have been integrated into the walls of an old barn to create a loft with a contemporary style. Do you want to put your suitcases there? U.S. too ! Source: Our loft

Industrial windows in the kitchen

The Design Files

Fall for these industrial style aluminum windows with a minimalist look that bring optimal brightness to this beautiful kitchen. Source: Frenchy Fancy

An indoor workshop window


Why not use a large workshop window within your interior to separate one room from another? Guaranteed effect! Source: How sweet to be a cloud

An immaculate white window

Cup of jo

A beautiful window at the end of the living room which opens this refined room: calm and serenity are the watchwords of this living room all dressed in white! Source: Buknola

A round window


What to say about this huge white window that lets all the light in the living room. Its round shape adds charm to the refined and slightly industrial setting. Source: Planète Déco

Old windows

Barnes international

Here is an urban apartment whose numerous imposing windows bring unparalleled brightness which adds to the charm of the old. Source: Barnes international