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Your holiday decor: weekend in the countryside

Your holiday decor: weekend in the countryside

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Departure to the countryside for a weekend that smells of tranquility, authenticity and naturalness. What we like once the door is crossed, it is the good-natured atmosphere which reigns there, a sweetness of living a nothing retro thanks to which we forget the stress to recharge our batteries fully. Everything we dream of right now! You only have to see these 10 decors chosen in pairs (2 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, 2 kitchens, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms) to realize how much we miss the countryside…

Soft decoration

Goal ### It is on a creamy color chart dressed in linen, accompanied by tomettes, wooden furniture and woven seatings that this salon invites you to enjoy a relaxing weekend in the countryside. Sweetness in all its splendor!

Authentic decor

Goal ### Authenticity is dear to country houses. This is the case of this dining room having kept the windows of yesteryear like a workshop, its stone walls or a mezzanine perched high and which is accessed by a ladder. As for the furniture, it bends to the love of its owners for the patina style, between charm and tradition ...

Braided decoration

Goal ### Illuminated with two adorable braided willow hanging lamps, this dining room shows us that the "woven wicker" style, so characteristic of the country spirit, is available in all formats to create charm and natural.

Light decor

Fly ### Country-style well-being, this cuisine proclaims loud and clear. You just have to see its decor furnished with light wood, decorated with soft and natural shades ranging from beige to green and sublimated with a wallpaper displaying a beautiful flight of butterflies ...

Old-fashioned decor

Castorama ### Giant crossword in decorative letters on which we read "kitchen" and "bistro", old-fashioned advertising posters framed on the wall and zinc furniture: we are transported to a country kitchen imbued with a pretty small industrial / recuperative style that literally makes us fall in love.

Retro decor

Goal ### Back in the 50s. Handcrafted oak furniture, stone walls, creamy colors and cottony materials: here, the nights are lulled in natural tenderness.

Plant decoration

Ikéa ### Breathing the fresh air of the countryside even at night is possible! Because if you can't put your bed on the lawn under the stars, nothing prevents us from surrounding it with greenery: collection of potted plants hanging from the window and climbing plants supervising the back of the bed .

Charming decor

Fly ### In this bathroom where the furniture is exposed, the charm, tinged with femininity, prevails cheerfully.

Checkered decor

Ikéa ### The oversized black and white checkered tiles create a chic and soft ambiance drawn from the 1950s in this bathroom. Let’s add a lion's feet bathtub planted in the middle of the room country house spirit that reigns here.