Hartô, joyful French design

Hartô, joyful French design

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French publisher of furniture with a colorful and clever design, Hartô invites you to join its (already large) family. No more time to waste, get to know its happy members: Alfred the wall concierge, Firmin the coat rack, Gaston the wall secretary, Hyppolite the desk, Josette the pedestal lamp, Louisette the toolbox, Lucien the stool, Modeste the mirror, Octave and Moogli the cushions, without forgetting Rosalie the chair. Immerse yourself in the world of Hartô!

Firmin, the graphic coat rack

Thierry Caron Straight out of the imagination of designer Julien Phedyaeff, the Firmin coat rack invites itself into the entrance to welcome coats and scarves in style.

Gaston, the minimalist wall secretary

Thierry Caron Once placed on the wall, Gaston, the wall secretary signed by the interior architect, decorator and designer Florence Watine knows how to be forgotten.

Hyppolite, the two-tone secretary

Thierry Caron Second creation of the interior architect, decorator and designer Florence Watine: the Hyppolite secretary takes place in salons with a contemporary, Scandinavian or vintage spirit. The decorative detail that changes (almost) everything? A delicately colored base.

Josette, the table lamp that throws

Thierry Caron Realized in solid beech and lacquered metal, Josette, fruit of the imagination of two young designers, Pauline Gilain and Pierre-François Dubois, clothing combines a lamp and a pedestal table. A happy marriage!

Louisette, the design toolbox

Thierry Caron For Hartô, designer Pierre Dubourg gave life to Louisette, a toolbox with neat and colorful aesthetics. What give the taste of DIY to the most allergic.

Lucien, the stool mixing oak and metal

Thierry Caron With its beautiful, slender structure, Lucien is a stool by Guillaume Delvigne that offers comfortable seating, design as a bonus.

Modeste, the shelf mirror

Thierry Caron Another creation by the designer duo formed by Pauline Gilain and Pierre-François Dubois? Modest, a mirror with a handy shelf for storing some precious little treasures.

Octave and Moogli, the cushions dressed in delicate patterns

Thierry Caron Subtly nestled in the heart of the Moogli cushions, adorned with a motif tribute to nature drawn by the textile designer Audrey Garel, Octave gives pride of place to a pastel graphics signed by the designer Sonia Verguet.

Rosalie, the colorful high chair

Thierry Caron For Hartô, designer Julien Phedyaeff also created Rosalie, a chair with clean lines, available in a multitude of pop and pastel colors. The hardest part will be choosing SA Rosalie! More info: Hartô