20 recipes for a balanced Christmas meal

20 recipes for a balanced Christmas meal

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Who says Christmas necessarily says holiday meals! To avoid overfilling your guests too quickly or not wearing your little dress on December 31, here are our tips for cooking healthy and balanced starters, dishes and desserts for Christmas Eve.

A beautiful and good aperitif

Weightwatchers The aperitif at Christmas is often a bad idea because your guests may no longer be hungry for what awaits them at the table… To not skip the aperitif either, make fine and fresh appetizers, using simple ingredients: avocado, cucumber and shrimp. To season with light mayonnaise. Source:

Verrines as a starter

Strawberry & Basil In order not to satiate your guests too early, opt for smoked salmon and avocado cream with lime, as an appetizer! Easy to prepare, good and beautiful to eat, it is an effective idea to start the festivities! Source:

Roasted vegetables instead of chestnuts!

Antigonexxi Need a diet? Forget the mashed potatoes or hot chestnuts, and sauté vegetables in a pan or grill them in the oven. You can use carrots, beets or even cabbage to add a maximum of color to your plate. Add only a little balsamic vinegar and herbs from Provence and voila! Source:

Grandmother's beef fillet

My Beverly Hills Kitchen If you want to avoid the inevitable Christmas turkey, opt for a thinner meat: beef tenderloin! Choose a nice tender piece and each can then use a more or less thick slice. Source:

Christmas tree-shaped meringues

Smart School House Here is an easy recipe that will leave your guests speechless! Form small swirls using your meringue preparation, then customize them with vermicelli and other colorful food decorations. Children will be delighted! Source:

A salad as an accompaniment

BuzzFeed To avoid mashed potatoes, potatoes or chestnuts, opt for this salad as an accompaniment to your main dish. Mix cranberries, pieces of orange and Brussels sprouts and you will get an original sweet and savory salad. The little extra? The result is very colorful on the table. Source:

Quinoa salad

Family Spice If you don't like Brussels sprouts or have lots of kids at the table, opt for this quinoa salad. And if there are vegetarians among your guests, they will be delighted! Source:

A fruity Christmas tree!

A trip to the kitchen To think outside the box and fall short of the traditional Yule log, here is a creative and decorative idea. Make a tree with beautiful fruits, and place a small star cut out of melon at the top. A healthy and balanced dessert, which you can accompany with melted chocolate. Source:

Snowmen for an aperitif!

Roxy's Kitchen Impress your guests by making little snowmen with eggs, mozzarella and carrots! Place everything on small sticks and add black sesame seeds to form the buttons and eyes. Guaranteed effect! Source:

Light roasted oysters

Foodie Bride Instead of serving an oyster platter as a starter, choose a more original version by roasting the oysters. This recipe minimizes fat but preserves the taste of shellfish thanks to a specific seasoning. Source: flickr foodiebride

A dessert for young and old

Foodie Bride After a holiday meal, dessert is often overlooked ... Especially for children. This unusual recipe invites you to make Santa Claus using strawberries and whipped cream. Simple and quick to prepare, it will delight the whole table! And in addition, it is eaten without hunger. Source: Nana Toulouse

A light and tangy log

Marie Chioca For fans, the log is THE ultimate Christmas dessert. But not to miss your turn, follow the advice of food blogger Marie Chioca. The latter has developed a log made from raw cranberries, with a lemon tart flavor! A surprising recipe that melts in your mouth. Source:

A rum baba revisited

Marie Chioca Blogger Marie Chioca gives us her recipe for the "paradise island baba", namely a fruity version of classic pastry, the rum baba. What lighten the original cake a little. Source:

The immaculate log

Marie Chioca This dessert is made with white almonds, lemon cream and coconut, to obtain this immaculate color reminiscent of snow. The recipe is made without milk and with a low glycemic index, which will allow you to feel a little guilty! Source:

Cook the dish at the same time as the side dish Don't have time to cook your entire holiday meal? Heat your meat and vegetables in the same cooking equipment for 90 minutes, without adding any fat. You will get tender meat and crunchy and tender vegetables. Source:

A fresh salmon tartare

Del's cooking twist For a balanced and easy to make starter, make a tartare of salmon, avocado and mango. This touch of exotic, leaky flavor will give you a sweet and savory appetizer. The big advantage is that the plate will be very pretty, even without any effort of presentation. Source:

Calorie-free shrimp bisque (or almost)

Clémentine Cuisine Follow the advice of the blog "Clémentine cuisine" to make this delicious broth, made from shrimp shells. Something to warm you up on Christmas Eve! Serve bowls small enough so that your guests are no longer hungry for the main dish! Source:

Small original rolls

Chef Nini Concoct a simple and unbeatable starter in less than five minutes! Roll white asparagus in slices of ham, before placing them in the pan for a few seconds, without putting too much oil on the pan. Then arrange the result on a plate. Source:

Fish in the spotlight

Doira's cuisine Fish also has its success at Christmas! Less caloric and lighter than meat, it gives flavor to a fine meal and saves you from excess! This monkfish roast with brown rice and saffron sauce will delight your guests. A simple and healthy recipe to make for 4 people. Source: Doria's kitchen

Light version turkey

Gourmet Proteins If you choose to cook turkey at Christmas, forget the stuffing and prefer a meat simply grilled in the oven. Marinate it in barbecue sauce before putting it in the oven. Serve grilled potatoes or vegetables alongside. Source: