Neptune: the new cozy chic English home decor brand

Neptune: the new cozy chic English home decor brand

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On the occasion of the opening of the first Neptune boutique in Paris, returns to the strengths of the English brand. British spirit and timeless chic await you. Discovery!

Timeless furniture

Neptune The philosophy of Neptune? Chic and timeless furniture, made to last. The furniture is indeed created to be solid and timeless and to adapt to the functions of each room. An ambitious decoration therefore, the result of which surprises with its accuracy and simplicity. The dining room, the centerpiece of a multifunctional interior, approaches a Nordic and modern style here. Soft table linen and faux fur throws for chic and convivial meals.

Attention to detail

Neptune Because every detail counts, Neptune pays great attention to the manufacturing and finishing of its parts. The team of 100 people made up of craftsmen, painters and carpenters is dedicated to making and painting the furniture by hand using traditional carpentry techniques. The brand's flagship materials: wood, oak and beech for a cozy chic decor.

The art of hospitality

Neptune To receive as it should be at the time of "Tea Time", Neptune offers table linen and accessories for an elegant decoration which is nonetheless practical. A selection of candlesticks is also available to enhance the table and create a beautiful harmony.

Luxury, calm and voluptuousness

Neptune The brand likes to transform the functional aspect of the pieces to create real decorative spaces. The bathroom, full of clever furniture, reveals only the essentials: the light-colored cabinet hides all the tubing from the basin. Clever! Result: a slightly shabby chic atmosphere, where calm and serenity reign. Natural light is delicately reflected on a lion-footed bathtub and invites you to take a relaxing bath.

Falling asleep relaxed and waking up inspired

Neptune In the bedroom, softness is once again honored with a collection of bed linen and blankets. Designed to "fall asleep relaxed and wake up inspired", the rooms are available in a palette of gray, taupe and greige. Old stacked books participate in the decor. Time stands still.

British tradition

Neptune Elegant and authentic, the Neptune style charms with its attention to detail and the care taken in its decoration. Patinated furniture, as worn by time, is based on British tradition. English cushions and plaids are adorned with warm colors, suitable for both a chic country style and a modern one.

Limehouse, elegant and practical kitchens

Neptune Practical and expertly studied, the Limehouse range of kitchens won over the editorial staff. Behind the "old revisited" aspect hides a great complexity: the pan drawers can support up to 30kg, the closings are magnetic and the cutlery drawers are covered with velvet. Good to know: 15 new patents are pending and more than 100 models are to be launched.

So British collections

Neptune Each collection refers to England and its history: Chichester, Blenheim, Harrogate ... Focus on the Arundel collection, whose "modern line with rustic finishes" plays on decorative accessories for a manor atmosphere. A style certainly contemporary but whose candlesticks, mirrors and vases in muted shades remains timeless.

The country chic spirit

Neptune The Aldwych collection defines itself as "refined contemporary design". The side tables and cream consoles punctuate a decor full of freshness in a "country chic" and assured cottage spirit.

City chic

Neptune Neptune's house and style no longer hold any secrets for you. Good to know: the brand also offers to build custom coatings by taking care of paints, tiles and parquet floors. Chic then! More info on Neptune: 2 rue d'Uzès 75002 Paris