The gray sofa suits all styles

The gray sofa suits all styles

Whether you are more pop, design, Scandinavian or even retro, there is a gray sofa made for you! To help you choose the model that best suits your decorating style, we invite you to discover all of our inspirations.

A gray sofa for a pop style

Fly If you're more pop, your interior is a festival of flashy color. Again, the gray sofa can mitigate this effect but it should not be too wise! Then bet a sofa bench whose leather creates a patchwork of shades of gray.

A gray sofa for an urban style

Conforama If the city of New York is the starting point of your decoration, the gray sofa will be ideal to recall the color of the buildings. We then play with a fairly graphic sofa with a gray in the same tones as the decor.

A gray sofa for a baroque style

Maisons du monde For a baroque style in your interior, the sofa should be a theatrical piece! Then bet on a beautiful Chesterfield for its padded appearance and especially choose a velvet fabric that will give a precious look to your decor.

A gray sofa for a designer style

Fly If your furniture is refined and your interior has fairly neutral colors, the design style is probably to your liking. Also, your sofa should follow this guideline which makes gray an ideal color. We then put on sober and geometric lines with metal feet for the very contemporary spirit.

A gray sofa for a Zen style

Alinéa Do you want a soothing interior? Gray will be your ally for its softness and neutrality. We of course choose a sofa in these colors playing with comfortable lines but simple enough to help you meditate without superfluity.

A gray sofa for a loft style

Alinéa Do you live in an open space where brick and metal are the materials of choice? The sofa will not be easy to choose because it must remain in the spirit of the decor. For this, choose a fairly simple gray sofa in a textured finish that gives relief to the fabric and a slightly raw spirit.

A gray sofa in a contemporary living room

Alinéa In a contemporary living room, the sofa is often the centerpiece! We opt for gray in order to bring out the latter on a beautiful warm parquet floor. So that the atmosphere is family, we put on a very decorative XXL model.

A gray sofa for a natural living room

Alinéa Gray goes perfectly well with green which will make it a great ally in a natural style interior. We then put on a light gray with a slight touch of white for a very soothing decorative effect.

A gray sofa for a charming living room

Fly Finally, for those who appreciate the charming accents of chic rustic decor, a gray sofa will work very well. We opt for linen in a light shade that will go perfectly with the aged wood of your furniture.

A gray sofa for a feminine style

Delamaison The linen brings softness and cocooning spirit in the living room and is the ideal material to create a feminine atmosphere. It is therefore adopted on the sofa in a gray color full of charm and authenticity.

A gray sofa for a seaside style

Maisons du Monde The seaside style appreciates raw wood, white, blue and… gray! In the living room, we therefore sit on a sofa with large gray and white stripes in fabric. We take off barely installed in it.

A gray sofa for a Scandinavian style

AM PM If you like the Scandinavian style, you can also choose a gray sofa with light wooden legs. Pure lines, chic look, it seduces us in an instant.

A gray sofa for a modern style

Maisons du Monde Notice to large families or those who like to lounge for a long time on their sofa: opt for this comfortable anthracite gray corner model which brings a touch of modernity to the room in the blink of an eye.

A gray sofa for a country style

Maisons du Monde Beige and white are not the only colors of sofa to adopt to bring the country style into your living room. A gray fabric model with authentic curves takes care of the decor perfectly.

A gray sofa for a romantic style

Maisons du Monde Plump, elegant, delicate and light gray, this sofa designed by Maisons du Monde is the ally of lovers of the romantic style. It is easily installed in the middle of a living room with walls covered with moldings and white and traditional furniture.

A gray sofa for an industrial style

Delamaison If you want to bring an industrial style to your living room, you can also opt for a gray sofa. We choose it in fabric with a shiny and metallic appearance to harmonize with the coffee table in wood and metal.

A gray sofa for a chic style

AM PM Low, all in length and with clean lines, this gray sofa is a real favorite. In a bright and bright living room, it brings a real chic and elegant atmosphere. All you have to do is accessorize it with a few neutral but no less decorative cushions.

A gray sofa for a retro style

La Redoute With its fine armrests and quilting, this gray bench seat sofa creates a real retro atmosphere in the living room. Small pastel cushions settle there in number to bring the decorative touch.

A gray sofa for a traditional style

3 Suisses Gray is also a sober color, goes everywhere which allows it to slip into all universes with ease. As a sofa in dark fabric and with a few cushions, it remains traditional. Ideal for those who like classic decor.