Beautiful book: "Roses"

Beautiful book: "Roses"

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Go on a trip to the land of roses. * Roses * tells us the story and the origin of the many varieties of the lovers' flower. Subtle nuances, delicate petals, names that make you dream like "Finess", "Green Beauty", "La Belle", "Passion"… the world of cut roses opens up over the pages. The book is divided into three chapters: "the bouquet of the soul", "the bouquet of the sun" and "the bouquet of the heart". Under the lens of Fabio Petroni, the different colors are sublime. From canary yellow to intense red, discover a whole palette of colors. A magnificent book to offer before going to the florist!


Fabio Petroni The "Jade" rose is sacred in China for its calming and soothing properties. This rose is one of the most appreciated gifts in China by lovers. It is distinguished by its green color veined with white. The "Jade" rose is cultivated in South America and Africa.

White lydia

Fabio Petroni The White Lydia is very popular for wedding decorations. Its milky white is reminiscent of snowflakes. This rose is branched; it is divided into three branches from which ten flowers are born.


Fabio Petroni Observe the beautiful nuances that this rose offers us. Outside, it is creamy yellow then it is more and more intense until an ocher pinkish heart. The "Leonidas" rose is cultivated in France, Italy and South America.


Fabio Petroni Here is the ideal flower for Valentine's Day! As soft as silk, this rose is white edged with pink. This beautiful flower is cultivated in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.