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10 ideas to hang your paintings in style

10 ideas to hang your paintings in style

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There is nothing sadder than an empty wall. And nothing more difficult to decorate. So find out for inspiration 10 decorative solutions to stage your wall. In the manner of a gallery, a museum or a workshop you will see that it is not so hard after all!

Sticker and paintings go well together

Ikea Create yourself a beautiful composition as a headboard by hanging frames on the wall and framing it with stickers.

Make a composition of tables

Bemz Create an artist's studio spirit by hanging several paintings on the wall. Different sizes and frames, do not hesitate to mix styles for more effect!

Thematize your tables

Bemz As in a gallery thematize your paintings. This artistic staging will highlight your frames!

Draw a straight line

Ferm Living Structure your decor by aligning several frames on the wall. Different colors but identical shape, they dress the wall in an original way.

Line up your paintings on a shelf

Ikea Why hang pictures only on walls! Aligned on the shelf of a display case, they can be seen more.

Mix tables and decorative letters

Ikea The letters in the decoration for a few seasons stand out. But why not mix letters and tables. A way of occupying the entire wall.

A large format that occupies the wall

Ikea Rather than several small decorative paintings why not make yourself happy and invest in a large artist's painting that will fill your empty wall and that will add real character to your room.

Place your paintings on the floor

Ikea This can suspend but if you want to establish a loft spirit, do not hesitate to put your paintings on the ground as if they were there waiting to be hung.

In duet

Bemz Instead of hanging a single frame on your wall, place two frames one below the other for more style.