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A guest house to spend your wedding night

A guest house to spend your wedding night

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To spend a romantic and unique wedding night, you may think that the hotels lack charm and intimacy… So for an authentic and unusual wedding night, think of guest rooms: real love nests.

The Attrap'Rêves

BubbleTree More bivouac than bed and breakfast, the Attrap'Rêves invites you to spend a night almost under the stars, nestled in a crystal bubble. You will spend the night in a nomadic and ecological "crystal bubble", entirely open to nature. Something to contemplate the stars while enjoying the comfort of a king size bed.

The Château de la Plaudière

Château de La Plaudière Spend a night in Sologne in a 19th century castle and immerse yourself in a universe that is both classic and romantic. On the program: pastel colors, toile de Jouy and a large green park. For gourmet lovers, the castle offers a buffet of 19th century confectionery!

Stella Cadente's guest house

Guest house of Stella Cadente Direction Provins, a medieval city one hour from Paris to discover the guest house of fashion designer Stella Cadente. The 19th century house offers 450 m2 of originality with three bedrooms and two suites. The themes: Frozen, Alice in Wonderland, Donkey Skin, Moulin Rouge or Russia!


Cap'Cabane Give height to your love by spending the night in a hut perched in a tree. In the middle of a forest of oaks and pines from the Landes, treat yourself to a night close to nature in the ecological cabins in the shape of a pine cone. And for an even more natural stay, you will enjoy a transparent roof and a terrace.

The Ash House

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions Direction Vence, on the French Riviera for a very arty stay! In a Provençal house dating from the 18th century, there are a multitude of big names in art such as Nikki de Saint Phalle, César, Jeff Koons or Andy Warhol. A real stopover in a museum house!