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Flowers for Mother's Day: simple scenes that change everything

Flowers for Mother's Day: simple scenes that change everything

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Offering flowers to her sweet and tender mom for Mother's Day more than a nice touch, it is now a tradition. So, how can we make this awaited moment very emotional? By focusing on the staging and the care given to the presentation. For this, our kids will undoubtedly need the help of a devoted dad, attentive grandparents or a caring big sister… but also some ideas gleaned here and there by our editorial staff! With our selection of simple and elegant paintings where plants take center stage, offering flowers for Mother's Day will be nothing special!

A flower in a bulb

The Merrythought Vases made from recycled and diverted objects are more popular than ever! Among them, we retain the idea as simple as effective of the bulb. Be careful, however, the help of an adult will be essential to remove the so-called stud from the bulb using a cutter or knife and slide the flowers into the base. More info on this DIY: The Merrythought

Bouquets of flowers in preserves

Fresh Eggs Daily In the family of smart DIY around the flowers that make an impact, we are seduced by the diversion of preserves. Here, some have been spray painted and for others the label has only been removed. Using a drill, holes were made to slip a rope and make a pretty knot, but this step is of course optional. More info on this DIY: Fresh Eggs Daily

A bouquet of flowers in a basket

On a beautiful winter morning Does your child have a tight budget for their Mother's Day gift? No problem ! Encourage him to look around him to use the objects in the house and exploit their assets by playing on the staging. Thus, this woven basket becomes a wonderful container that can accommodate a bouquet. As for flowers, turn to gypsophila. Easy to find at the florist, they are also very inexpensive. More info on this DIY: On a beautiful winter morning

A bouquet of flowers in a pineapple

Bespoke Bride Want to surprise your children's mom? Help them to realize this DIY full of fantasy and greed since it is a pineapple which acts as a vase. You just have to cut the leaves and hollow out the fruit. We can imagine this presentation on a breakfast table very well… accompanied by a homemade pineapple juice of course! More info on this DIY: Bespoke Bride

A floral initial

The Sassy Life Here is a DIY that will undoubtedly hit the bull's eye! Choose the initial of the mother's first name from a hobby store. Cardboard or polystyrene, both do the trick! Then, using a glue gun or a simple gel glue, your child can distribute the flowers according to their tastes in order to completely cover the letter. More info on this DIY: The Sassy Life

Flowers under a bell

Style me pretty The glass bell is one of the most trendy decorative objects of the moment. It lends itself to all kinds of creations and staging. You can easily find models at low prices in decoration stores such as Hema, Maisons du Monde or Les Sœurs Grene. It only remains to let your child express his creativity with a floral composition that he will slip inside. It can also be simply replaced by a small flowering plant in a pot. More info on this DIY: Style me pretty

A multitude of mini bouquets in a case of wine

The barefoot bride This DIY is taken from a wedding report but it lends itself very well to a creation for Mother's Day. We know the old-fashioned charm of cases of wine that can be diverted in different ways. Here, the wooden case turns into a container and accommodates an accumulation of small bouquets or potted flowers. An ultra simple creation that your loustic can then place on the prettiest tablecloth in the house, as a table decoration. More info on this DIY: The barefoot bride

A garland of flowers

Homey oh my! If you are told "garland of flowers" you shiver at the thought that this DIY, probably requiring skill and patience, is not intended for your children. Think again, the older ones can take up the challenge! Provided you choose plants that lend themselves to this creation; this is the case with eucalyptus. Cut white string of the desired length and then assemble several rods using a wire. Then hang on the wall using masking tape! More info on this DIY: Homey oh my!

Flower bulbs in a jar

Lucette and Suzette For Mother's Day, we like the idea of ​​offering bulb flowers that will not fade after a few days. The little extra: they often represent a lighter investment for your toddler. All the more so if the flower pot used for the occasion is actually a jar of diverted jam. Simple and easy to make even by the youngest! More info on this DIY: Lucette and Suzette