25 posters of quotes that show life differently

25 posters of quotes that show life differently

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The walls of your interior can prove to be real motivational objects! By choosing posters with a positive message for young and old, which features a text that will put you in a good mood, a graphic mantra or a philosophical quote to see life on the bright side, you will feel yourself growing. Here is our selection of posters to make you feel at home and realize your wildest dreams!

Isn't life beautiful?

Paper Blooming Because we may not repeat it enough, this floral poster will stand out as THE thing to remember: life is good! An ideal decoration in a living room or in which you have to stay often to get you back on the right track in case of slack. Price: 14.45 euros

To have its hour of glory

Awphotograph We never tire of the English messages "Don't worry", which make us relativize and see life on the bright side! But we literally fall for this quirky model: "Don't worry Be Yoncé", obviously referring to the singer Beyoncé! Admit it, you too have already dreamed of slipping into Queen B's shoes just for a day…

To not forget the little ones

Lilipinso In a children's room, think of bringing a touch of humor and optimism with this pretty framed poster. Designed by Sophie Cordier and made in France, it has very soothing tones and funny shapes that will melt young and old. Price: 32.90 euros on Léo le Pirate

The poster to offer to an artist

WillxEm To awaken the artist in you, nothing like this quote: "Creativity is intelligence that has fun". Simple but effective, it will cause a sensation with your guests, who will not be able to miss it with its yellow color. Price: 14 euros on Etsy

So that your children have sweet dreams

Sapristipopette by Geekygirl This poetic poster, on which it is written "Dream Big Little One", invites the little ones not to be afraid of their ambitions. Instead of placing it in a frame, you can hang it with a pair of pliers on a wooden or slate plate for example. Price: 12 euros on Geekygirl

Superhero laws

Alexia Bleu Your son is a fan of superheroes? Encourage him to respect the rules of your home with his humorous posters for recalcitrant children! To do like Batman, Thor or Hulk, he will have to eat his vegetables, set the table and stop sulking!

If you're a fan of the Far King

Funny Fox Printables For everyone whose * The Lion King * is one of their favorite cartoons, revisit the famous expression of the film signed Walt Disney with the mantra "Hakuna Matata", to leave your worries aside! Its graphic typography and color in black and white will allow you to hang it in any room of your interior. Price: 1.63 euros on Etsy

A touch of optimism on the walls

Marcel & Lily "Life is full of small pleasures (even tiny ones)". This poster will remind you every day when you pass it. Install it in a wooden frame and in a children's room by combining it with an inspiring dirty laundry bin or other products dedicated to the home of the French brand. Price: 15 euros on Marcel & Lily

The poster that will boost you

My Rose Pompon To combine colors and motivation, opt for this poster that invites you to realize your dreams and make all your desires come true. And yes, it is not enough to want it, you still have to give yourself the means to succeed! Price: 6 euros

Live the present moment

Paper Storm Prints If you are more of a type looking to the future and not looking to the past, you should find yourself in this famous Latin phrase, taken from a poem by Horace. In French, it means "Pick the present day without worrying about tomorrow". Price: 5.82 euros

To enjoy life to the fullest!

Faithful Companions In a Scandinavian-style room or in a small space, this minimalist poster will find its place and bring you your daily dose of motivation. Place it directly against a wall on your desk or side table if you do not want to pierce your wall. Price: 5.96 euros on Etsy

Notice to the eternal dreamers!

My Rose Pompon We couldn't be more explicit! If you want to give a gift to an eternal dreamer who can't seem to get started or if you want to boost yourself, this very girly poster is perfect. Post it in a place where you pass often so you never miss it! Price: 6 euros

Be inspired by the greatest

deificusArt To motivate you every day, nothing like a quote from a celebrity. The editor deificusArt had the good idea to use a famous sentence from the boxer Mohamed Ali (aka Cassius Clay) who died recently: "Impossible is Nothing", understand "Nothing is impossible". Price: 19 euros

Remember to be happy!

Lemog This quote from the Dalai Lama, "Joy is power, cultivate it", will have a small effect in your living room. Too often we forget that happiness is one of the most important things, and here's how to remind your whole family. Price: 8 euros on Etsy

An intriguing poster

Cool Republic But what does this poster represent? Well, it's very simple, it's Oscar Wilde's fingerprint, affixed above one of his famous quotes: "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken". The latter ironically invites you to be yourself and let your personality speak. Price: 22.90 euros on Cool Republic

A message for young and old

Alexia Bleu With its childish design and little elephants, this frame will find its place in a children's playroom as well as in an office. She cries out to you to be yourselves, whatever the circumstances, and not to foolishly follow others if you do not agree with them. Price: 9 euros

If you work from home

Paper Blooming Sometimes when working at home it can be difficult to focus or motivate yourself to do a specific task. With this poster, when you look up from your computer or your sheet, you will have no excuse for not doing everything to carry out your mission. Price: 14.45 euros on Etsy

A two-way poster

Ma Rue Bric A Brac This mini poster makes you want to travel but also makes a nod to the music group Téléphone and its legendary song * New York with you *. Blogger Ma Rue Bric A Brac integrated it into a frame with other postcards and photos. A personalized decor idea that is easy to reproduce. Price: 6.50 euros on the Fifi Mandirac brand website

A vintage poster

Not Much To Say Finally, this poster made from an excerpt from a book reminds you that life is good! Install it wherever you want, to read this positive message every day and have a little retro and timeless decorative touch thanks to its beautiful black and white printing. Price: 7.22 euros

Apologies accepted

Lost bumble bee Foul confessed half forgiven? We would more often like such excuses! Price: 6.50 euros on Etsy

A living house

Crea bisontine What good is it to live in a museum? No need to argue with guests who are a little critical: they only have to read to understand your philosophy. Price: 11 euros on A little market

Welcoming words

Paperland Thanks to this warm poster, your guests will be zen and never want to leave! Price: 5 euros on A little market

Feel good at home

Crea bisontine Sweet words that reflect the atmosphere, the state of mind and the attachment to your home. Price: 11 euros on A little market

Play on words

My pretty sentences To go to bed in a good mood, nothing like this poster that plays on words. As a bonus, we get up with a smile! Price: 11.90 euros on A little market