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10 table atmospheres for the garden

10 table atmospheres for the garden

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The first rays of the sun create with them the desire to be outside. So to fully celebrate the beautiful days that are coming, set up a pretty table in your garden. For a lunch, an aperitif, a picnic in the countryside or by the sea, discover 10 new ways to dress the table outside!


Ikea Miami vibrates the decor. So take your guests on an aperitif time by placing a large turquoise blue carpet on the ground, then set your table in the colors of the ocean. All you have to do is serve a few cocktails and turn on the sound!

Mix and match

Ikea It's the trend of the moment! By that, mean, a mixture of patterns and colors that depart from the rule. Here no code, just a joyful visual cacophony!

Ethnic chic

Ikea A chic ethnic spirit adorns the table in fine weather. Graphic patterns and mixtures of styles offer a beautiful decorative score to this set.


Maisons du monde Wake up the blue and white dishes, typical of the seaside, with a zest of lemon yellow. A vitamin intake ultra trend to abuse without moderation!


Maisons du monde For all gourmets here is a table that is sure to whet your appetite. Glass bell, immaculate white crockery, fine porcelain provide a chic and delicate setting for your tea time.


Tissage de Luz The stripes are decorated in cheerful and sparkling colors to wake up your table when the weather is fine. A word of advice, bet on plain dishes to combine them.

100% natural

AM PM And why not have a private picnic to celebrate the first sunny days. Equip yourself with a well-stocked wicker basket, then sit comfortably in the grass, all you have to do is enjoy the surrounding nature.

Festive buffet

Alinea In fine weather welcome your guests for a dinner aperitif. Bet on colorful dishes and appetizing dishes that will delight your taste buds.


Maisons du monde At any time of the day, the table is dressed in white crockery which gives it a contemporary, ultra chic look!