White decorative pebbles in the garden: ideas for inspiration

White decorative pebbles in the garden: ideas for inspiration

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When it comes to decorating your garden, white pebbles of all sizes can do very pretty things. Use them to surround your plants, delimit spaces, create geometric decorations ... They are endless. Here is a selection of images that will inspire your own decor with white pebbles.

To create a dining area

Castorama / Bianco Carrera

There is always that time of the year when we live more outside the house than inside. To make your summer meals as pleasant as possible, mark out the outdoor dining area with pretty white pebbles. Source: Castorama

Around the plants

Leroy Merlin

Use white pebbles to surround your plants, they will be highlighted. Source: Leroy Merlin

Opening the way

Courtesy of Buensalido Architects

As in this beautiful villa, we show the way to the garden with pretty white pebbles and beautiful very smooth black stones. Source: Buensalido Architects

A custom slab

Leroy Merlin / Naterial

In the middle of the garden or at the edge of the house, create a beautiful slab from scratch using white pebbles and beautiful slates. Source: Leroy Merlin

Several spaces in the garden

Leroy Merlin

Create several spaces in your garden by covering part of it with gravel or white pebbles. Source: Leroy Merlin

Pretty curves

Leroy Merlin / Naterial

Draw in pretty curves in your lawn with gravel in white marble. Source: Leroy Merlin

A bit of graphics in the garden

Leroy Merlin / Naterial

Be creative! From the front to the ground of your garden, create a graphic decoration. Source: Leroy Merlin

Pretty checkerboard

Leroy Merlin / Naterial

A checkerboard in the garden, why not? Add some plants to it for a Zen effect. Source: Leroy Merlin

At the edge of the land

Castorama / Blooma

Between the bamboo which delimits the garden and the terrace, create a channel of white pebbles. Source: Castorama

To define a terrace

Leroy Merlin

Accentuate the edges of your teak deck by surrounding it with large white pebbles. Source: Leroy Merlin

Very decorative benches


Create benches from the ground up in your garden by filling large pebbles with marble with steel lockers. Guaranteed effect! Source: Castorama

To highlight a path


Here, the white pebbles nicely frame a path of black stones. Source: Castorama

Animal atmosphere


Let your imagination run wild! With a few marble pebbles and pretty slates, create a Dalmatian motif on your garden floor. Source: Granul'Art

To show the way

Green Vibes

Here again we find the combo of white pebbles and slates. This time the two surround themselves with pretty plants to show the way to the front door of a house. Source: Hi Pages

Play the contrast card

Leroy Merlin / Geolia

Add volume to your garden by playing with the color of your pebbles. Here, we like the very classic contrast of black and white. Source: Leroy Merlin

As delimitation

Deck Design Pictures

The white pebbles are perfect for delimiting the spaces of the garden. Here, placed in a channel, they nicely separate the wooden terrace from the lawn. Source: Deck Design Pictures

For a modern effect

Leroy Merlin

Pave the front of your house with small white pebbles for a chic and modern effect at the same time. Source: Leroy Merlin

For a Zen atmosphere

Flickr / Studio Lolo

For a very Zen garden, perfect for meditation, surround your Buddha with white pebbles and flowering plants. Source: Flickr

Country lane


For a country lane effect, opt for small white gravel that you sprinkle along a path that crosses your garden. Source: Castorama

Around the pool

TVDV Photography

Enhance your pool by surrounding it with pretty white pebbles. Source: TVDV Photography

Circular designs

Lucy Sommers Gardens

With garden pebbles, the options are endless. Draw beautiful white circles next to your flower beds for a Zen effect. Source: Lucy Sommers Gardens

Enhance a basin

SDeCO Pebble Gravel

In this house courtyard, the architects have chosen to highlight a small water point by surrounding it with white pebbles. Source: SDeCO Gravel Pebble

Around the porch

SDeCO Pebble Gravel

Around the stairs that lead to your stoop, arrange small tree-lined slopes whose ground is covered with white pebbles. Source: SDeCO Gravel Pebble

Mix colors

SDeCO Pebble Gravel

For even more decor options, don't hesitate to mix black and white pebbles. Source: SDeCO Gravel Pebble

A very Zen waterhole

SDeCO Pebble Gravel

Install a very Zen water point in your garden by surrounding a small pool of large white pebbles. Source: SDeCO Gravel Pebble

Real drawing

SDeCO Pebble Gravel

Let your imagination run wild and create a unique place in your garden using pebbles. Source: SDeCO Gravel Pebble

A succulent box

Carré d'Arc

Large white pebbles are just what you need to make your pretty succulents stand out nicely. Source: Carré d'Arc

Small oasis

Bastide gardens

Create a small oasis in the middle of your garden, using white pebbles. Source: The gardens of Bastide

Like in the middle of the desert

Bastide gardens

On this somewhat dry ground, a beautiful pool of clear water surrounded by white pebbles could, with a little imagination, be found in the middle of a desert. Source: The gardens of Bastide