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The practical furniture of small gardens

The practical furniture of small gardens

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When you have a small garden, you have to think about it to be able to make the most of it. And this goes especially through the garden furniture which should not take up too much space and be practical in order to optimize the space. So to help you choose it, here are 10 models that you can offer yourself even if your garden is not very large.

A small table for meals

Fly Always for small spaces, you can bet on a dining table in mini version in order to settle down for lunches in the garden without taking up all the space. You will choose an optimized bistro-style table so as not to take up too much space.

A revisited garden furniture

Castorama Rather than choosing garden furniture in woven resin that will take up all the space, we prefer a garden furniture revisited with two small armchairs and a small table to put a snack. It will be useful at all times of the day.

A clever garden table

Castorama If this garden table is of a good size with its comfortable benches, it has the advantage of taking up much less space when it is not used because the benches can slip under it.

A lounge chair

Alinéa For your tanning sessions in the garden, you absolutely need a lounge chair. But to avoid it taking up too much space, bet on a Chilean style, less bulky than sunbathing. In addition, a foldable model will allow you to store the chair when you are not using it.

A revisited hammock

Alinéa Because small spaces often do not have the place to install a hammock, bet instead on the revisited version which is none other than a hanging chair. Less practical for napping, the hanging effect will still be very pleasant to relax.

A narrow table To eat outside with your guests without taking up too much space, you can choose a counter-style high table that will be narrower than a traditional table. Stools will also take up less space and can be slid under the table.

A bench outside

Castorama Is your garden long? We put on a bench, which without taking up too much space, will allow you to sit comfortably outside. Do not hesitate to add cushions!

Folding chairs

Lafuma And to install yourself at any time in the garden, think of fabric armchairs that fold and unfold as desired.

Outdoor beanbags

Foir'Fouille Finally, if you really do not have space, consider opting for a piece of furniture that will find its place inside and that you can go out into the garden when necessary. For this, poufs work both indoors and outdoors. Need a new garden bench? Compare the offers of hundreds of gardening and decoration merchants on our price comparison!