The 10 coverings of a designer terrace

The 10 coverings of a designer terrace

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Do you want to give an ultra design style to your terrace? So we will also have to play with the flooring for a great atmosphere. And if you don't know which one to choose, you can draw your eyes closed from our selection.

Black it's black

Castorama Unlike white, you can also bet on deep black as the backdrop for the designer terrace. There, we then choose reconstituted stone or slate to offer a noble material very aesthetic.

Graphic patchwork

Lapeyre For an original designer terrace, do not hesitate to mix the different materials. For example, you can opt for a checkerboard that alternates grass and composite wood and create a space with non-slip metal tiles. Design and eclectic effect guaranteed.

Grass and composite wood

Truffaut And if you want less originality while keeping a surprising coating, you can simply integrate a few squares of grass on a dark composite wood floor.

White stone

Proloisirs For a design style, you can choose a floor covering in contrast to your furniture. Also, to enhance black furniture, you will for example bet on a very smooth white stone floor covering to bring a refined effect.

Concrete for a raw style

Foir'Fouille For an ultra-smooth and fairly rough-looking floor, concrete is ideal on the terrace. You can create a single piece slab or bet on XXL slabs which are sometimes easier to install.

Trendy tiles

Ikea For a terrace that follows the trendy decor spirit, you can opt for tiling in gray tones that will enhance any garden furniture thanks to its neutral and elegant color.

Reconstituted stone

Leroy Merlin To bring a very decorative effect to your terrace, reconstituted stone is a real ally. It allows you to create elegant decorations like this gray terrace which evokes waxed concrete.

White gravel

Leroy Merlin For an original coating, you can also bet on small pebbles which will give a fairly graphic and Zen style to your floor. You can install designer metal furniture, for example.

Stone imitation tiles

Leroy Merlin Finally, if you want a sleek and practical terrace, you can offer yourself tiled floors and choose a stone imitation finish to give the terrace a little character.