An exotic room for a holiday feel

An exotic room for a holiday feel

Do you dream of traveling? Bet on an exotic style room that will bring a touch of escape to your nights to make the most beautiful dreams come true. With some furniture of distant inspiration and memories of travel, you are on vacation!

Colonial inspiration

Maisons du Monde ### Put yourself in the shoes of an explorer by choosing a fairly masculine room. Bet on dark tones, exotic wood and objects that remind you of your adventures such as lamps whose feet echo an animal horn.

Tropical ambiance

La Redoute ### For a tropical spirit in the bedroom, bet on natural colored braided resin furniture. Add green to your decor, with bed linen for example, to remind nature.

Exotic travel

Goal ### For a touch of exoticism in the bedroom, we put on wooden furniture. For decoration, have bamboo branches and baskets that will serve as a totem. Do not hesitate to mix natural materials.

Natural spirit

La Redoute ### Exoticism is above all the authenticity of nature! We then put on wooden or rattan furniture, we choose a carpet made of natural fibers and we opt for a parquet floor. Choose neutral colors and bring light with touches of white.