Vintage style decor in the kitchen

Vintage style decor in the kitchen

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The vintage trend is everywhere in our interiors and the kitchen is no exception! Decorative objects very trendy at the bar through furniture and accessories, the vintage spirit is everywhere. A quick overview to find inspiration and give your kitchen that retro, modern look.

"Popissime" cuisine!

LEROY MERLIN ### Imagine your cuisine as a tangy and delicious candy! Play the color card from floor to ceiling to give it a pop air omnipresent in the vintage trend. Also bet on trendy accessories "revival" spirit and on originality by diverting objects!

Chic and refined cuisine

HYGENA ### To give your living room a chic and very designer look, opt for white. This color and the shape of the furniture will give a clean side to your room which will enhance it. To "break" the uniformity and bring your vintage touch, complete your decor with chandeliers and red, gray or silver furniture.

Trendy vintage kitchen

HYGENA ### Because the kitchen remains one of the central parts of our interiors, it must be both functional and warm. Bet on the marriage and the contrast of two colors to give a very pop look to your kitchen. Counterbalance this atmosphere with very vintage bar stools.

The accessory makes the decoration

SIA ### Bet on the charm of authenticity! Opt for carefully "aged" and patinated furniture that will bring real chic to your vintage atmosphere. In the same way, select designer objects with an air of yesteryear.