A bath screen to avoid splashing

A bath screen to avoid splashing

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Because you do not take baths every day, it is practical to be able to arrange your bathtub like a shower. For this, you will find bath screens that are none other than walls that prevent splashing when you take your shower.

A custom shower screen

Jacob Delafon For your bathtub to transform into a shower, you can opt for a bathtub which is particularly suitable for this with a wider shape on the side of the shower head. And to close the shower, you will opt for a made-to-measure bath screen, the return to the interior of which prevents any splashing.

An articulated bath screen

Bricorama This bath screen is large enough to protect your bathroom from splashes. It also has an articulated part in order to be able to close inwards to further minimize splashing.

An almost invisible bath screen

Jacob Delafon Very discreet, this bath screen could almost be forgotten if there was not a built-in towel holder because it is an elegant glass wall which slides over part of the bath to close it .

An elegant bath screen

Jacuzzi To make your bath screen elegant, choose a model that is as clean as possible and a glass that takes a pretty shape with very round angles that soften the bathroom.

A double wall

Jacuzzi To give a graphic style to your bathroom, you can also bet on a wall which consists of two glass walls separated by a metal rail. Not only does this allow the partition to be mobile but it also offers a designer look to the bathtub.

A decorative shower screen

Jacuzzi What if your shower screen is free of glass? Indeed, you can also opt for a decorative version which puts on a decorative wall as is the case here with this urban screen which displays the names of the cities.

A glass screen for a rounded bathtub

Lapeyre Contrary to what you think, you can also install a bath screen on a model of rounded shape. So just choose a model suitable for the exact shape of your bathtub with walls that follow the same curve.

An original bath screen

Jacob Delafon Likewise, baths with original shapes can also be fitted with a glass wall, but you will have to bet on made-to-measure in order to adapt perfectly to the shape of your bathtub.

A hard wall

Leroy Merlin Finally, if you want to transform your bathtub into a shower, also know that you can bet on a wall that you will place on the side of a part of your bathtub to create a perfect privacy space for the shower.