Contemporary style decor in the bathroom

Contemporary style decor in the bathroom

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In the bathroom, the clean lines are eye-catching and allow the whole body to relax! Thus, we opt for a contemporary style that will bring serenity to this pond. Here are some inspirations just for you!

A refined atmosphere

Lapeyre ### The contemporary style is that of purity! We opt for enough storage so that nothing hangs around in the room. For an even more contemporary style, we select furniture that attaches to the walls and that have no feet.

Contemporary forms

Lapeyre ### As for form, opt for originality! Thanks to the contemporary style, you can move towards clean, geometric and sometimes quite unusual shapes like this corner bathtub which mixes curves and straight lines.


Leroy Merlin ### So that contemporary rhymes with elegance, choose furniture and fairly sober colors. For example, opt for white walls with taupe-colored furniture. To bring a decorative touch, bet on large contemporary vases.

Decorative touches

Aubade ### Finally, know that you can bring contemporary style to your bathroom using only a few accessories. A colorful stool, XXL pendant lights and a strip of graphic wallpaper will go perfectly with furniture with simple lines.