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Garlands light up the decor

Garlands light up the decor

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Far from being satisfied with decorating the tree at Christmas time, the light garlands are installed almost everywhere in the house by depositing their touch of magic. Completely adapted to our contemporary decor, they sometimes take surprising forms. Here are 10 that will certainly help you find yours.

To light a shelf

Very simple and yet very decorative idea: place a garland of light on a shelf or a bookcase "snake-like". It allows you to create a small corner of light without having to turn everything on.

Guinguette garland

Favorite for the tavern garlands that make their little effect in the garden as well as in the house.

At the head of the sofa

To highlight the back of a bench or a dark sofa, consider installing a pretty light garland lengthwise. This version with small fabric flowers makes it very cozy.

Light frame

Like dressing room dressing tables, you frame your fireplace mirror with a light garland. More decorative than useful, it still allows to create a very intimate atmosphere.

A star that shines brightly

Not only reserved for traditional Christmas decoration, or even for garden decoration, the luminous star takes its place in the living room all year round. Whether off or on, it brings a lot of charm and originality to the room.

Illuminated circle

On the light garland side, we can also like very designer versions. We particularly like this one which displays a pretty roundness full of elegance.

Illuminated corals

The light garlands sometimes take surprising forms, like this model which strangely resembles corals. Posed in front of a mirror, we particularly like the reflection of these dozens of small loupiottes.

Chinese balls

Elegant and airy, this garland made of white Japanese balls invites itself in the living room as in the bedroom. It is fixed above the bed or the sofa where it is hung on a beam as in this pretty atmosphere.

Intimate atmosphere

Watching television with the light on is not necessarily very pleasant. To keep a small bright corner, we therefore place a small garland, which dimly lights, near the sofa.