Storage suitable for children's rooms

Storage suitable for children's rooms

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So that your children's room does not look like a battlefield, you have to think of good storage ideas, both decorative and ingenious. Here are some ideas in pictures.

A library for the child's bedroom

Ikéa ### A low library ** So that games and books are close at hand, we adapt the size of the furniture to that of the children in their room. Here is a perfect example: a low, long apple-green color library, practical and decorative. **

A miniature wardrobe

Ikea ** Whether it's storing clothes or disguises, the most coveted piece of furniture is the wardrobe! In the children's room, there is no need for it to be too high with inaccessible drawers and lockers. You have to choose it small, so as to encourage toddler autonomy. **

A box shelf

Vertbaudet ** If the boxes are popular in the child's room, it is because they are real tote bags, very practical when it comes to storing toys or comforters. The right idea? Choose personalized boxes with different patterns and colors. Thus, toddlers combine precise storage for each of them. When tidying up becomes child's play! **

A bench with fabric crates

Vertbaudet ** After the wooden boxes that we slide into a box shelf, there are the fabric boxes that we hide under a nice bench. Sitting and storage, here is a smart 2-in-1 accessory to optimize the space in the bedroom. **

A storage chest

Vertbaudet ** The essential storage space for toddlers is none other than the trunk. You can easily hide the whole bazaar in the room. The trunk is available in many styles: on stroller-style casters, pirate's safe, basket-style for a cottage style, mini bench or ottoman so that the little ones can take their place. **